About the ABPI

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry puts together companies in the UK that conduct researches and produce prescribing medicines. Additionally, its Research Affiliate Members are engaged primarily in pharmaceutical study and improvement, while General Affiliate Members are establishments with an interest in the pharmaceutical industry performing in the UK.

The ABPI supplies a wide range of services and maintaining for its members. It depicts the opinions of the pharmaceutical industry in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as at UK, European and international levels. We support intimate contact with Government, politicians, academia and the media. Additionally, we have worked out extended links with health managers, patient advocacy groups, training and education bodies, research councils, and professional bodies in the healthcare sphere.

The ABPI is the industry’s taking part in discussions with the Government about policies in a wide scope of regions. Through the industry provision representation at the Department of Health, the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, HM Treasury, the Scottish Executive, the Welsh Assembly and the Northern Ireland Assembly, concerns of general interest such as health, education, training and transparency, openness and trust. Science can be promoted forward and higher. Our goal is to support the UK’s pre-eminent level as an area for the discovery, development and production of new medicines.

Across the UK, the ABPI accepts responsibility for such activities as to increase informedness of the pharmaceutical industry contribution, not only to the providing of healthcare within the UK, but to the more global economy. At the heart of all the ABPI’s occupations lie the the profits that patients get from the accessibility of innovative and effective medicines.

For more information on the benefits of joining the ABPI please email: membership@abpi.org.uk

Creating the UK as one of the greatest surroundings worldwide for appreciating and satisfying breakthrough medicines as cost- efficient decisions for averting and treating disease.

Improving the producibility of pharmaceutical R&D, designing global excellent areas founded on academic centres, clinical research facts and the NHS patient database. Affirming the pharmaceutical industry as one of Britain’s key economic sectors.

Designing a renewed contact between industry and society founded on honesty, veracity, knowledge, appropriate behaviours, transparence, openness and trust.

Developing new methods of assuring the acorresponding usage of newly created remedies and setting performance rating for their adoption in the UK.
Assuring that throughout the UK, the right patients get the correct medicine at the correct time.