Saving money and time with My Canadian Pharmacy


When you come to a pharmacy, it’s nothing like shopping at your local grocery store or at a mall, of course, but you still want to see some variety and choose the remedy that suits you the most. Online pharmacies are much better in that respect, especially if you need a long list of products to order and do not feel like getting a prescription for each one. At My Canadian Pharmacy, for instance, you will find a good selection of products in such categories as Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Vitamins/Herbal Supplements, General Health, Stop Smoking, Cancer, Antiviral, Antidiabetic, Stomach, Eye Care, Skin Care, Weight Loss, Anti-allergic/Asthma, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure/Heart, Anxiety/Sleep Aid, Mental Health/Epilepsy, Antidepressants, Pain Relief and Antibiotics. As you can see, you can have an answer to any health problem within easy reach and without overpaying.

When it comes to overpaying, many people have the consolation of telling themselves that brand name drugs prescribed by the doctor and purchased at the local pharmacy, even though they are not covered by insurance in many cases, are better in quality. People that have been buying drugs online from reputable pharmacies like My Canadian Pharmacy know better, as they are aware of the difference between brand and generic medications. The truth is, a generic drug made according to all the industry standards, is just as high in quality as the brand name analogue available at the local pharmacy. The drugs may look different because of the non-active ingredients that give them their shape, taste and texture, but they act in the same way and are available at the same dosage. In short, when buying a generic drug at My Canadian Pharmacy, you are getting the same treatment only for a lot less money. No wonder it’s so popular with international customers: nowhere in the world can people just pay for the drug they want, they are also made to pay for the company’s past research, advertising and marketing expenses, which is just not fair if you do not have that kind of money.

Shopping at My Canadian Pharmacy online is never a waste of your time or patience: in fact, every click you make is important. All their customers can enjoy some special offers based on the amount of their purchase. Purchasing for over $150 at once will get you free airmail delivery taking from 10 to 21 days. If you buy for over $300 at a time, they give you free express courier delivery. Unfortunately, this option is currently available to the US residents online. Another great feature, no matter where you are from, is free insurance for orders starting from $200. Even if the package gets lost, you will get your order in full, reshipped and delivered as soon as possible. You are always welcome to see how it really is for yourself: this is one of those cases when being one of many thousands (of happy customers) is a good thing.